Evgeny Grigorovich, a young composer and jazz pianist was born in 1993 in Astrakhan, Russia. 


Evgeny finished Childrens’ School of Arts № 5 in Astrakhan, where he specialized both in piano in 2007 and in saxophone in 2009. He was fully engaged in local concerts and time after time Evgeny was placed high in the regional and national Russian competitions, such as «Golden Key», «Consonance», «Young Composer», «Musical spring» etc. For his achievements Evgeny was frequently honored with awards from the Astrakhan Administration. At the age of 10-12 Evgeny composed a number of piano music pieces for the «Child Album» cycle, which subsequently were included in the album of the Astrakhan region composers' works and have been since used for children's lessons at music schools. 

In 2008 Evgeny studied under Svetlana Baeyva, a Merited Cultural Professional of Russia. As well as composing the young musician fruitfully practiced in jazz improvisation, first under the guidance of a jazzman Vadim Rakhitin and later under the guidance of a jazz composer Roman Leshchenkо.  

In 2009 Evgeny studied at the Foreign Languages Department of the Astrakhan State University as well as at the «Theory of Music» faculty of the Musical College named after M.P. Mousorgsky. 


In 2010 Evgeny was awarded the first prize for his piano composition «Fantasia» at the international competition festival «Sounds and colors of the world» in Stokholm (Sweden), and then received a laureate diploma at the international competition festival «Silver Orfeo» in Saint-Petersburg. 


In 2011 Evgeny entered the faculty of Composition and Opera-Symphonic Conducting of the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory of Music named after N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, where he studied under a well-known composer Anton Tanonov, a chairholder of the Special Composition and Improvisation Department. 


The young composer tries to practice in various genres. 

In 2012 Evgeny composed a string quartet «24 hours» in 3 parts and a ballet with singing «Kleopatra» based on the same-name poems by Anna Akhmatova. The ballet first performance took place in 2013 in A.K. Glazunov Small Hall under the guidance of the Honoured Artist of Russia – Irina Taimanova. Evgeny Grigorovich participated in this performance as a conductor. In 2014 Evgeny received an order to compose background music for a musical «Lady Goddess». The musical was directed by Ksenia Alymiz, who was also the writer of the libretto. Nowadays the performance of this theatre piece takes place in Saint-Petersburg Theatre center on Kolomenskaya.In 2015 Evgeny wrote the music for the motion picture «Shatters» directed by Alexander Malakhovsky from St. Petersburg. The «Shatters» film is about events of the First Chechen War. Soon after a suite for chamber orchestra and vocal assemble with the same-name was written.


In February of 2016 he took part in the workshops and performances of  jazz improvisation in Tromsø (Norway), organized by the Arctic University of Norway. He undertook a three-day individual workshop by the popular Norwegian jazz pianist, composer, arranger, Professor Jan Gunnar Hoff.


In June of 2016 Evgeny graduated with distinction from the Saint-Petersburg State Conservatory and received the Specialist Degree in composition. His last student work was “Concert in the colors of jazz” for keys, viola and symphony orchestra.

From Oktober 2016 till August 2018 Evgeny worked on a master degree in composition at the University of Music Franz Liszt Weimar (Germany). He studied under the famous German composer professor Michael Obst and his assistant Ulrich Kreppein. In this period of time he composed the most important orchestral and chamber-instrumental works for his new style. Among them are Triptych “The Demons” by three paintings of Mikhail Wrubel, “Tarantella” for chamber orchestra, “Sinfonietta for percussion” for 10 Drummers and Tap-dancer, Trio №2 “About the future. About the past. About the present.”. 
In these years Evgeny worked as a teacher for piano and saxophone in Orpheus Music School (Erfurt) and in Allegro Music School (Weimar).


Since Mai 2017 Evgeny is a member of the German Composers Union. 


The music of Evgeny Grigorovich is regularly performed in concert halls of Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov, Vologda, Novosibirsk and also in Astrakhan, the hometown of the composer. Some compositions were performed in public in Stokholm (Sweden),Helsinki (Finland), Weimar (Germany), Eisenach (Germany), Leipzig (Germany), Tromsø (Norway) and other European cities. 

The young musician often acts as an interpreter. His repertoire includes not only classical piano compositions of Chopin, Schumann, Beethoven, Ravel, Glinka, Chaikovsky, Myaskovsky, Rakhmaninov, Prokofiev, but also a wide range of modern composers of St. Petersburg, such as S.M. Slonimsky, G.O. Korchmar, B.I. Tyshyenko, B.A. Arapov and others. Jazz improvisations have an individual place in his piano work. 


Evgeny Grigorovich is a founder and director of the Youth Center of contemporary music «Talea Tempora». In September 2015 Evgeny organized a modern music orchestra “Tempora Orchestra” under this center. The main creative idea of “Talea Tempora” is a public awareness campaign especially in organizing concerts of young authors’ music and also great talented masters’ compositions rarely performed in Russia.

The Project has become very popular and won recognition in the creative midst of Saint Petersburg.


At the present moment Evgeny is working in the Harbin Conservatory of Music as a teacher for composing and for modern music.



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